How Xera Works in 5 Steps

Sign Up
Provide us access to your existing Shoutcast, Flash, RTSP, or Windows Media broadcast.
Embed your assigned URL in your HTML, Flash, or mobile player application.
Sit Back
When a listener connects, we dynamically deliver the appropriate stream to his browser or application.
Track your listeners in real time, examine their demographics, and generate usage reports.
Upload and manage advertisement spots, which can be dynamically tailored to each unique listener.

How Xera Radio Works

No additional server software

We tap into your station's existing online radio stream, no matter your streaming platform. Whether you're currently using Windows Media Server, Flash Media Server, Quicktime Streaming Server, Shoutcast, Icecast, or something else, you won't need to purchase new hardware or software licenses.

No client requirements

More importantly, your listeners no longer need to worry about plug-ins or apps. Xera Radio shields you from the byzantine world of multimedia formats on both ends, so you can focus on station programming and branding. That means you're free to use just about any HTML5, Flash, and mobile app client. In fact, you're free to use none at all because Xera Radio can stream directly to any modern device, including Windows, OS X, and Linux computers, and iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Kindle Fire, and other mobile devices.

One stream, multiple formats

When a listener tunes in Xera Radio transcodes your broadcast into the appropriate format for their device and software. For example, Firefox can only natively play Vorbis streams, while Chrome requires AAC or MP3. The emerging WebRTC standard requires still another new format. Not only can we reach the widest possible audience today, but tomorrow, too. Once you sign up, your broadcast becomes future proof.

Hassle free conversion

Upon sign up Xera Radio assigns you a simple URL. You're free to modify your existing web and mobile applications at your own pace. In almost all cases this is merely a matter of swapping out the URL.

More ways to monetize

Xera offers pre- and mid-roll advertising options that can be personalized to your users. You can input your own ads or use our ad service to begin generating revenue immediately. The appearance and frequency of ads is controlled by you and can be tailored to maximum CPM value.